Biphasic Sleep Experiment – Day 2

So today I slept 3 hours for my core sleep, and then a 90~120 minute nap. I say 90~120 minutes because, instead of the usual 90 minutes, I overslept. I think it was because my room was dark after I lowered the blinds on my window. I actually woke up because of my timer after 90 minutes, but then in my half-awake state of mind decided to lie down on my bed again (bad idea). Anyway, I did not have much trouble getting up again after 30 minutes.

From the core sleep to my nap, I felt OK. I guess I haven’t started to feel the effects of temporary sleep deprivation yet. I am strangely energetic–I would say, subjectively, 15-20% more energetic than how I was before I started this sleep experiment. I ate a large breakfast, and ate a large lunch. I then took a nap as discussed above, and when I woke up at 9 PM, I ate my dinner. I seem to be consuming more calories to make up for the extra time spent awake.

As a side note–the naps that I had so far, the one yesterday in Day 1 and also the one today, both feel like an extremely deep period of sleep. It’s very similar to that sense you get when you wake up in the morning and know that it’s a new day, or that a lot of time has passed. I suspect that this nap period is extremely important–it seems to energize me as much as my core sleep of 3 hours.

Day 2 stats:

  • Core: 3 hrs
  • Nap: 2 hrs
  • Cumulative hours slept: 9.5 hrs
  • Average amount of sleep per day: 4.75 hrs