Biphasic Sleep Experiment – RESTART

For some reason, this experiment has not been going well recently–maybe my temporary period of sickness had to do with it. That’s why I’m restarting from zero again. I will also reset my stats starting tonight. It is 10:32 am now, and I will take a nap, as usual, at 6:30 pm and then try to sleep for 3 hours again at 1:30 am. This time, I will do whatever it takes to sleep at the exact scheduled times. I think the reason why I kept getting poor results recently was because throughout the first experiment, I sort of ignored the scheduled times to work around my eating habits, old sleeping habits, etc. So this time, I will place following the sleeping schedule as my top priority.

Since the stats have been reset, I will post again after tomorrow’s (not today’s) 90 min nap. I hope this makes sense.