Biphasic Sleep Experiment – Failure

All right, I have to admit I sort of forgot about this website after the hectic schedule I had during late summer/internship. And I have to say this about this experiment: it was too intense, at least for me. Yes, I’ve read around on the internet that you need to keep up the schedule consistently for at least two weeks, but I couldn’t make it. So I switched back to monophasic.

But I felt guilty, so I started recording the total number of hours I slept each day for about two months afterwards. I found out that my average daily sleeping hours, under the old monophasic way, was 7.28 for August 2007 and 7.6 for September 2007. Keep in mind that this is with crazy schedules like 3 hours for one night and 11 for another. It’s amazing how the body adjusts itself to that optimum sleeping time of about 7.5 hours. From this I realized that yes, since 7.5 is a product divisible by 1.5 (the 90 minute sleeping cycle discussed earlier in my remarks about the biphasic sleep experiment), I went through 5 cycles each day (5 x 1.5 = 7.5). Now if I can just cut down to 4 cycles a day, and I would be very very happy…