GTD – It Seems to Be Working

This is a follow-up post to my first post about GTD, the self-productivity system. The system seems to be working. My next actions list (or “actions list” for short), has steadily increased and decreased in items in the past weeks. I still haven’t broken down the gigantic projects I’ve documented into my projects list into bite-sized, do-able chunks to be incorporated into the actions list, but things are still looking very good.

I have less stress.

The overwhelming psychological benefit you get from knowing exactly where you are on the “Map of Life” feels great. It’s not so much of an energizing, high-five kind of feeling than a more relaxed state of existence. As I’ve said before, the GTD mantra of getting everything important out of your head and writing it down has really made me feel more in control of my life. If you’re really interested about GTD, google it or read my first post about it, where I laid out a brief, core summary of the system.