Automatically Mount Hard Drives on Elyssa

For some reason, Elyssa wouldn’t automatically mount hard drives for me any more. And if you’re like me, you probably rolled up your sleeves and tried to edit fstab numerous times. But if you’ve been pulling your hair out reading threads like this, and still haven’t found a neat, simple solution, here’s one that really worked for me on Elyssa: just install ntfs-config from the repositories, and you’re set! Go to Start -> NTFS Configuration Tool, and select the desired options.

UPDATE July 15, 2008: Be sure to have the to-be-auto-mounted-hard-drives *unmounted* before you click on the NTFS Configuration Tool icon (otherwise, it won’t recognize them).

When You’re Tired of Typing “sudo”

Here’s a neat trick: when you’re in the terminal, type sudo su to become the super user! Now, you don’t have to type in sudo this or sudo that (or even gksudo) for every command. You will stay logged in as the super user as long as the terminal remains open!

UPDATE September 22, 2008: One user, “Joss,” has pointed out to me that you could just type su instead of sudo su. Unfortunately, it does not work for me on my end (Xubuntu 8.04.1 64-bit). As with any command, prepend with “man” to learn more about it (e.g., “man su”). (Tip: whenever you’re viewing a manual with “man,” press Q on your keyboard to exit.)

UPDATE June 16, 2010: I’ve been using “su -m” to become the super user (root) for over a year now. The “m” flag keeps my local variables — so all of my neat customizations and aliases from ~/.zshrc are accessible, even as root!

Brother HL-2040 printer on Elyssa

I had issues with getting my HL-2040 printer to use correct margins on Daryna (using US Letter paper, or 8.5″ x 11″). Follow my steps to get it working perfectly in Elyssa (assuming you already have the printer identified/installed onto your system):

  1. Install the following packages with Synaptic: brother-cups-wrapper-laser, brother-lpr-drivers-common, brother-lpr-drivers-laser.
  2. Go to /usr/Brother/inf and open up brHL2040rc in your favorite text editor with superuser privileges (e.g., gksudo gedit /usr/Brother/inf/brHL2040rc). Don’t worry, the file is really tiny.
  3. Make the PaperType variable Letter.

It should now use the correct margins. This solution is identical for the solution for HL-2070N printers. Thanks to dcstar, post #4.