Brother HL-2040 printer on Elyssa

I had issues with getting my HL-2040 printer to use correct margins on Daryna (using US Letter paper, or 8.5″ x 11″). Follow my steps to get it working perfectly in Elyssa (assuming you already have the printer identified/installed onto your system):

  1. Install the following packages with Synaptic: brother-cups-wrapper-laser, brother-lpr-drivers-common, brother-lpr-drivers-laser.
  2. Go to /usr/Brother/inf and open up brHL2040rc in your favorite text editor with superuser privileges (e.g., gksudo gedit /usr/Brother/inf/brHL2040rc). Don’t worry, the file is really tiny.
  3. Make the PaperType variable Letter.

It should now use the correct margins. This solution is identical for the solution for HL-2070N printers. Thanks to dcstar, post #4.

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