My Favorite Firefox theme “rein”

It’s called rein you can get it here. Mind you, I just switched today after using Whitehart for about ~5 years.

Chromifox looks very good too, but it’s not original. Plus, it doesn’t integrate well with the Aurora GTK engine/theme.

Here is a screenshot of rein in action on my Xmonad + Vimperator setup (with Terminus as the GUI font, of course).

firefox (w/ vimperator) on Xmonad + "rein" firefox theme

firefox (w/ vimperator) on Xmonad + "rein" firefox theme

You gotta love those tabs. Finally, a theme that looks clean, simple, and unique.

UPDATE Feb 17, 2011: Apparently, people are really intrigued by this post, even after two years. Since the time of this post, I’ve swtiched to the Devious Green theme for a good while, but now I just use the default theme (i.e., no theme), because my default GTK theme is already very clean and minimalist (the Mist theme that comes with the basic gtk-engines package on Arch Linux). Oh, and I’ve since switched to pentadactyl instead of vimperator because the former is more actively developed.

10 thoughts on “My Favorite Firefox theme “rein”

  1. Fancy Tab Trees?
    IMO they’re easier to work with when having >20 tabs
    and if you’re on a widescreen monitor (as you should be)
    then it makes better use of the width.

    Just a thought

  2. Using vimperator, I have “h” and “l” hotkeyed to previous tab and next tab. Lightning-quick hotkeys like these have made > 20 tab scenarios a non-issue. Indeed, I would hate to use the mouse at all to navigate tabs, especially if there are fewer than 5 of them as using “h” and “l” is so much quicker. Plus, I have my widescreen monitors rotated 90 degrees now (easier for programming), so I do NOT want to use anything to make my viewing area horizontally cramped.

    Use vimperator!

  3. hehe.. I _do_ use vimperator 🙂
    People gasp when I tell them this. But I started using vim
    only after I’d liked working with vimperator so much 😀

    I guess I can’t live anymore without the hierarchial tree view
    (esp. in wikipedia where its really useful to know what exactly
    got you to where you are 😉

    But a 90* twist on things would be fatal to most such niceties 🙂

  4. [Hierarchical tree view is] really useful to know what exactly got you to where you are

    Excellent point. I just realized that my previous comment is half-worthless because I did not realize that hierarchical tab tree view can coexist with vimperator — i.e., I can use all my lightning-quick vimperator hotkeys alongside the tree view, although it is a bit odd now that “h” goes “up” the tree and “l” goes “down” (changing them to “k” and “j” respectively would not work as they are already hotkeyd to vertically scrolling the page up and down). (Yes, I installed tab tree view just to get a feel for it.)

    I’m still not totally sold on the idea, though =p (my surfing habits are very efficient and I pretty much never get lost in the sea of tabs on my firefox window — even during those all-day browsing/research sessions).

  5. Well I use ^P and ^N to navigate tabs in a tree.
    And hjkl are for the current tab’s navigation.

  6. I had it set up like that too when I first installed vimperator, until I realized that I almost never needed to scroll horizontally within a tab. So I swapped h & l for ^P and ^N, respectively.

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  8. Huh. Incidentally, I’ve discovered and really enjoy both Pentadactyl and rein–and discovered your blog because I’ve recently started playing with Arch linux, and definitely appreciate your xmonad post

  9. I agree totally with your choice of Rein for Firefox: I’ve been using it for a long time now, and I think it’s by far the cleanest, most modern theme available. The only drawback is that it is not always updated very quickly to accommodate new Firefox versions. Having said that, it is definitely worth the wait.

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