Useful shell aliases for pacman/powerpill in Arch Linux

If you’re an Arch Linux user, you’ll find yourself typing “pacman -Sy <package>” or “powerpill -Syu” a lot. Here are some useful shell aliases (here, they are for Zsh) that I use to make things much, much easier:

alias p='sudo pacman'
alias pu='sudo pacman -Syu'
alias pa='sudo pacman -Sy'
alias pq='sudo pacman -Q'

alias pp='sudo powerpill'
alias ppu='sudo powerpill -Syu'
alias ppa='sudo powerpill -Sy'

And then all I have to type is ppu, and my system is upgraded. Also, I have in my /etc/sudoers file the following:

shinobu exelion=NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/pacman
shinobu exelion=NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/powerpill

This way, I don’t have to type my password every time I want to use pacman/powerpill.