About Me


My name is… a secret! Just call me Shinobu (see Shinobu Morita from the anime “Honey & Clover”).

This Blog

This blog is a collection of “how-to” guides and tips that have helped me on my Linux/programming journey, as well as random thoughts for you regular readers out there (something like 3 people according to WordPress).

My Tastes

For the curious, here are programs that I use: Arch Linux, Xmonad, urxvt, zsh, git, vim + boxes, emacs (only with org-mode + Evil), mutt, firefox + pentadactyl, mpd + ncmpcpp, geeqie, and blender + luxrender.

I like to program in Haskell and C, and script in Zsh. On my to-learn-eventually list are Lisp, Factor, and Lua (for LuaTex).

My Motto

Never stop learning new things.