On Exercise

I started exercising regularly again. I’ve taken a new approach to exercise:

  • Exercise is not about losing weight.
  • Exercise is not about toning one’s physique.
  • Exercise is not about staying healthy.

Although exercise does help one lose weight, tone one’s physique, and stay healthy, these things are mere side effects of exercise. Exercise results in the strengthening of one’s mental fortitude. Real, tough, in-the-guts exercise requires a truckload of willpower. Each time we exercise, we train on a mental level.

Take elite athletes as an example. Day in and day out, they train. With time, they gain the ability to maintain an incredible amount of mental focus under an incredible amount of stress. And when they compete, they are able to perform what their sport requires of them, even when they’re hurting.

Everyone hopes they could do X, Y, and Z to make improvements in their lives. Without mental discipline, they are going to waste a lot of time. Maybe this realization, on a subconscious level, gives them an incentive to procrastinate.

In short, exercise strengthens the mind. It is the most simple, yet important, thing that I can do to improve all areas of my life.